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The postcard marketing medium is simple. Students, faculty, administration and staff take only the particular postcard advertisement which appeals to them specifically. Because each postcard is selected with enthusiasm on a voluntary basis, the consumer identifies strongly with their postcard selection, and therefore your particular product.

If a student isn't interested in a particular product, they most likely won't take that postcard. Thus, each and every postcard ends up in the hands of students who are genuinely interested in the message, brand, product or service being advertised. It is postcard advertising at its best.

When someone mails a postcard to a friend, family member or colleague, they are exposing secondary and/or multiple audiences to your advertising message. This increases the overall reach of your youth in-school marketing campaign and allocates more bang for your youth advertising dollar.

Postcards are unobtrusive, subtle, different, artsy and most importantly FREE. What a great way to create a brand awareness in young adults! So, if you are looking to promote your product to youth, tweens, and teenscontact Kid Club marketing by NewAge College Marketing today to start your postcard marketing campaign.

Postcard Marketing

Typical In-School Postcard Usage:

  • Mail them to friends and family
  • Wallpaper their bedrooms
  • Give them to someone they like with a phone # or email address attached
  • Write down a homework assignment
  • Collect them
  • Frame them

To learn more about these youth, tween and teen promotional products and opportunities, contact us TODAY! We can make your next in school advertising campaign a success.

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