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NoteAds - A Powerful Youth Marketing Product Offered by Kid Club Marketing by New Age Marketing
NoteAds - A Powerful Youth Marketing Product Offered by Kid Club Marketing by New Age Marketing
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Pass The Pad - NoteAds

‘Pass The Pad-NoteAds’ is a unique and simple concept that allows our clients to target and reach over 10,000,000 youth, tweens and teens with a highly targeted, one-to-one hand distribution method.

Students’ notes and notebooks are one the main tools they use while at school and in class lectures. ‘Pass The Pad-NoteAds’ is a service in which we offer FREE Sheets of Notebook Paper to students upon entering lecture halls, classrooms, etc… with a client message prominently displayed on the header sheets. This unique program lends itself to the flexibility that clients can target specific students and subjects in school during classroom hours with a quick and effective, and most importantly, powerful visual advertising medium that they will see long after the actual classroom hours upon revisiting, sharing notes and studying.

NoteAds - A Powerful Youth Marketing Product Offered by Kid Club Marketing by New Age Marketing

Every morning our exclusive network of agents distributes NoteAds at client selected elementary, middle and high schools. Ideally, each student receives 4-6 individual NoteAd sheets of paper with your specific brand advertisement visible on the top of each page.

NoteAds Are:

  • Powerful
  • Impacting
  • Brilliant
  • Cost Effective
  • Obvious
  • Uncomplicated

Student Responses Program Details:

  • A Majority of Students do not feel it is invasive.
  • Nearly 95% questioned desired to receive NoteAds again
  • Viral Marketing
  • Nearly 25% talk about the advertising with their classmates
  • Effective & Powerful Advertising Media
  • Nearly 75% believed the NoteAd to be persuasive in trying new products/services

Client Advertising:

  • Students can spend up to 90 minutes during class looking at your ad plus repeat viewing
  • Memory Retention
  • Nearly 80% retain the advertising message content

Target Selections:

  • Clients may choose which specific schools and areas on school grounds to advertise.
  • Student-To-Student / Hand-To-Hand Distribution
  • Simple Process That Demands Attention On Campus
  • Both Students and Clients alike enter into a win-win situation.

Nationwide Exposure:

  • All 50 States Represented PLUS Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Metro Markets Include: Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas….etc…

To learn more about these youth, tween and teen promotional products and opportunities, contact us TODAY! We can make your next in school advertising campaign a success.

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