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Youth Newspaper Advertising
Youth, Teen & Tween Newspaper Advertising Inserts
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Run of the Press
Newspapers with a circulation exceeding five million on a regional and national level. This is available throughout the year.

Free Standing Inserts
Reaching teens with newspaper inserts. These inserts are available throughout the school year.

High School Newspapers

  • Includes the top 100 DMA including 2000 public, private and parochial schools serving over 1 million students
  • Visible in schools in every state nationwide (Low cost – High Visibility)
  • Student News Offerings: Events – Entertainment – Sports & Recreation – Amusements – Recreation – Consumer Goods
  • Guaranteed High Visibility Penetrating the Teen Market
  • Teens Spend over 30 hours per week in school (14 - 18 year old market)
  • Newspapers circulate during school hours, making them one of the ONLY nonacademic publications distributed in classrooms
  • Reaching 93% of students in school
  • 54% Report reading a newspaper in the past week
  • Top 100 DMA including 2000 public, private and parochial schools
  • Reaching High School Students who spend over $71 Billion Annually
  • High pass along to friend rate – little ad clutter – full – half & quarter page ad sizes – FSI – Color available

Client will:

  1. Decide on Budget
  2. Choose Markets
  3. Ad Design

Kid Club Marketing by New Age Marketing will:

  1. Get to know you as a client and your needs
  2. Prepare a proposal outline that best meets your goals
  3. Refine all advertising to specifications
  4. Place your ad in the papers
  5. Assure run dates
  6. Collect tear sheets

To learn more about these youth, tween and teen promotional products and opportunities, contact us TODAY! We can make your next in school advertising campaign a success.

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