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Client - McDonald's - Black History Month "Inspiration Makes Me"

In-School Objective
This program was designed to leverage Black History Month timing to engage African American’s in schools and community.


Business Objective
The client’s objective was to enhance brand affinity and loyalty, promote trial by students and families, as well as strengthen McDonald’s presence in the community.


Used a proprietary, national database of schools to identify Elementary Schools with an African American enrollment of 75% or greater. Created awareness of Black History Month via classroom materials and an essay sweepstakes to encourage students to write “Who or What Inspires Me;and Why?”


Estimated Reach

  • 1,000,000 students, grades 1st – 5th
  • 38,000 classrooms
  • 2,400 selected Elementary Schools with 75% or greater African American enrollment

Program Elements

  • Classroom Poster
  • Teacher Guide
  • School Entry Form
  • Student/Teacher Entry Form
  • Parent Advisory Form
  • Administrator/Principal Letter
  • Customized Envelope

Post Program Results

  • Entries into “Inspiration makes me…” essay sweepstakes
  • 572 school entries
  • 14,314 student entries

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McDonald's Promotion

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