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Customized Flyer Announcements are a Great Youth Marketing Tool

Customized Letters to Promote Your Program

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View the various Youth Marketing Products that We Offer

Customized Communications

Customized Envelopes
A customized envelope is a way of introducing the program to the teacher in a fun, creative way to intrigue them to dig deeper and get involved with the classroom program.

Customized Envelopes are a Great Youth Marketing Tool

Flyer Announcements
Flyer Announcements are a way of introducing the program to the teachers and the students in a fun and creative way.

Program Feedback and RecognitionTeacher Letter with Reply Card
This very useful tool which introduces the program to the teacher and outlines the elements in the program also allows the teachers to mail in a postage paid 4” x 6” postcard to give feedback about the program.

Principal Administrator Letter
A Principal Administrator Letter is almost like a “save the date” letter. It tells the faculty that a program will soon be arriving at their school.

Educational Activity
An Educational Activity Promotional letter creates an exciting activity as part of an ongoing commitment to education.

School Entry Form
A School Entry Form outlines state rules, regulations, and disclaimers of your particular advertising program.

To learn more about these youth, tween and teen promotional products and opportunities, contact us TODAY! We can make your next in school advertising campaign a success.

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